Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sunday's Art-Opp
We're bookbinding and arting it up this Sunday, Feb. 11th from noon to five with my friend Kelly T.M. Kilmer. You're welcome to come join us (there is room) for a play day...just call me at the shop (310) 479.2444
She's bringing so many paints, papers, collage ephemera, ribbon and bits, that everyone will have enough to make something really cool. I'd bring along some of my own favorite images to add to the pages, just to make it more personal, if I were you. Also, everyone needs a basic tool kit, but the shop has some to borrow for those lacking.
This particular workshop is called A Woman's Notebook. Pretty cool. Join us...I know you'll be happy with the results!

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Kelly Kilmer said...

Looking forward to it Suzi!!

Hey, can't wait for the new Home Companion!!! :)