Thursday, February 01, 2007

Naughty Pleasures
Can you believe that this is 1/2 a piece of Jack Sprat's Hershey chocolate cake? I had the waiter box up the other half to go before bringing the bad boys out. Allie was enthralled by the descriptions of the desserts, and we grown-up girls were feeling the need for a little naughty pleasure. Dessert did the trick.
Don't worry; the treats were just tasted, not completely devoured. I made Harmony take the other half home (so it wouldn't be in my house!)

The Key Lime custard pie with graham cracker crust and mile-high meringue was tart to perfection. They made for a lovely end to a problem-free evening.
I think that finding comfort in food can be the best diversion sometimes. It sure helped a really good friend tonight.

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