Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Craft Cottage

This is a peek into Alicia Walker's amazing Craft Cottage. Walking down her "candle-lit" stone path through her spacious yard, one would never imagine the world inside this special structure. She has it done up with a decidedly vintage feel; very Sweetpeas and Snapshots but with Alicia's own personal touches. I, of course, was completely drawn to her collection of Alice in Wonderland pieces (I had started a small collection myself for my daughter Allie when she was born, and personally enjoy creating art inspired by the characters.)

Alicia and Alice had totally decked out the main house for Erin & Norman's Chinese New Year-themed birthday bash. An abundance of fresh, delicious Asian food filled Alicia's spacious kitchen (and the caramel apple martinis were divine!) So many decorating details; everything was just lovely (and fun fun fun!!!)

The girls had set up the Craft Cottage with scrapbook papers and embellishments, and a few friends were snapping away with their digitals. Erin had brought her HP personal photo printer to the cottage, and another friend busied herself printing out the fresh pictures so the guests could put pages together for the birthday babies. Just fabulous.

Everyone was so nice; got to see Evelyn and Rachel (Norman's crew), Hila and hubby, met Mary's brother-in-law & cousin, Sabrina had her hair straightened (gorgeous) and Alicia's husband Robert looked dashing in his smoking jacket! So many other familiar faces; I have chronic name-forgetting problems (no offense.)

Gary and the kids were surprised to see me home so early, but it was my own fault. I should have asked about pets before I arrived at the party; I didn't know she had a cat. I have chronic asthma and had to make a swift get-away when I started to feel my chest tighten. The body always knows when cats are around even when the eyes can't see them! I made it home before it got out of hand, and heavily medicated.

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