Saturday, January 27, 2007

The whirlwind begins.

Mary totally did up the store for the T.McF. classes/holiday.
The nostalgic Valentine's juxtaposed with the Chinese New Year decorations really whimsify the whole place. The L*O*V*E banner at left is the last one left in stock; they proved to be very popular this year.

Teresa was really surprised with the new Cadillac that Mary borrowed for her for the weekend. Her daughter Allie (not to be confused with my daughter, Allie) is as sweet as can be. I would totally trust her to babysit, and hope she gets her wish to attend college here in Los Angeles.
I Missed Helle Greer & Michelle! I'll see them at CHA!
Although Mary and I were not in the shop during the workshops, the official report from the girls: A Success for all Involved!

We were at CHA Anaheim, where the seminar,
Five Keys to Successful Scrapbook Retailing
was in full swing. My slot to speak came up around 4:00, and I feel very good about my performance. I did my best to make eye-contact, to speak naturally and honestly, and shared my trade "secrets" (like I keep anything inside...) with the audience. The crowds warm response made me feel like a superstar. I think I came away from there with more than a few new friends!
I know I have a true friend in Teresa McFayden, who I feel like I've known for, like, five years. Oh yeah, I have (just not in person!) You can see my over sized noggin' (Teresa says that all Movie Stars have big heads!) I'm just glad that I get to see her again tomorrow, as she teaches her "Very Fine House" workshop while the Mary Engelbriet's Home Companion people check out the shop.
Mary, Tanja and I will be back at CHA in time for Martha's talk, then we're off to the special Kindred Spirits dinner party.
Note to my publisher: Got the contract signed; it's in the mail!


Helle Greer said...

We had so much fun at Teresa's class, the only thing missing was YOU...
I'm glad we got to meet up with all of you at CHA, you are all such a bunch of SWEETPEAS!!!, and Norman, oh what can I say, I know he and I will be in a lot of trouble together LOL!!! He is so fun.
later my friend,

ArtsyMama said...

How exciting!!!! Love decor. Everything looks fab.