Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pantie Party at the Container Store!
I went to the Century City mall tonight with the usual cast (Ben, Allie & Harm) to see a movie and pick up a new file case at the Container Store. We went for the file case first, and the store was pretty empty, except for the aisles we were in. There was a body-traffic jam, and I was getting irritated with the lady in front of me, who wouldn't let anyone pass. Harm whispered to me "back up" and I shot her the stink eye (I tell you, I was annoyed.) Next thing I know Allie is talking to a stranger, telling her "I like your shirt, it's really cute"; I heard the stranger say "Your shirt is cute too." I glanced over at the stranger, just looking at her shirt and told her "Yes, cute" and walked ahead.
I didn't see her face, just her coffee colored Jim Morrison thermal shirt (really cute.)
A moment later, Allie grabbed at me saying "Tyra, Tyra"...I had no clue. Harmony spoke under her breath "Tyra Banks", and Allie scurried around to get another look, asking "Can I take a picture with you?"
Tyra told her "Sorry, I can't take pictures when I'm out, but your shirt really is cute."
We continued to shop. I finally found what I was looking for, but noticed my kids weren't by my side anymore. Where were they? Following poor Tyra. I went over to retrieve them, and apologized for my little stalkers. She could not have been any nicer.
Ben later told me he had asked her if she watched The Soup, she said "You mean Talk Soup?", and he proceeded to tell her how he enjoys every time Joel McHale (the host) shows her Pantie Party clip. When Harmony heard this, she said "I'll wait outside for you guys" and did.


Linda Woods said...

That is hysterical. She should've taken pics with the kids though, they are KIDS!
What, you didn't stop by Target?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Target, I went yesterday. No week is complete without a Target run. At the checkout, where the gum and mints are, I found the cutest square mint tins! Silver with gemstone decorated lids. Very fashionable!