Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Toys

I want to thank my friend Minnie for telling me about her new toy: the HP Photosmart R967. I've been poking around everywhere for months looking for a camera which would meet my own particular needs; as Philip would say, this is it.

The R967 has a big 3" screen, and 10. megapixels (as opposed to the 4. my Cannon Powershot A60.) The best parts are the built in tricks.

Automatic body slimming, red-eye removal, built in digital frames (even distressing techniques) and a ton of other easy modes make this camera a total package.

It's from Best Buy, where the cool salesman gave me an extra unadvertised 10% off! Topping it all off, I went to and ordered the matching pink carrying case $10. off list price. I am so happy!

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