Thursday, January 18, 2007

Alright, so I know we have it good over here, but man, is it cold! It actually snowed in Westwood (the picture here is from around the Federal Building) and in Malibu (this photo is from the tunnels in Malibu Canyon.) Enough for people to play in it! We're just not equipped for this!
I went to four stores yesterday to get a couple of extra heaters for the shop (Office Depot, Smart & Final, Best Buy and Osh)...all were sold out! Osh actually had one model in stock, but it was the scary-big-radiator-looking heater and I just couldn't go there.

The news said it had snowed here seventeen years ago, but I really can't ever remember ever having snow here in my lifetime. The shop was so cold that we all had to bundle up (but it does validate my theory that people shop when it is cold...that's why I always pumped up the the a/c at every opportunity.) Fortunately, the Wednesday croppers (a great group who book the back house every Wednesday to work on their pages) had it pretty cozy; our existing space heaters really did the trick! I went back there a few times to warm up (and yip yap, of course!)'s cold in here! (that's for you, Beau Peep!)

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Anonymous said...

what a great post...its so hard to imagine that is malibu....the palm trees in a blanket of snow, my son keeps saying it global warming...i am sure he is right. minnie