Thursday, January 04, 2007

So it started like this.
Sabrina had invited me to go see Slava's Snow Show at UCLA's Royce Hall. We were early, so we went to BJ's Restaurant for dinner, where there happened to be a major motion picture premier about to start (red carpet and all.)

We had our delicious dinner (fish tacos; crispy and full of flavor finished off with a BJ Pazooki chocolate chip cookie topped with vanilla ice cream. ummmm.)

It was time to go, so we headed out, hoping to beat the paparazzi frenzy that looked like it was about to start. As we turned to head to the car....we practically ran right into MY family! Gary had taken Ben and Allie to Westwood to eat at BJ's, unbeknown st to any of us!

Good thing that I was not having a torrid affair with some mystery man, because I would have been caught right there by my husband AND children! This is why, girls, you should not have affairs...go out with who you say you are going out with, and life will be good. Otherwise, something bad always happens with a lie.

Anyway, just then, the flashbulbs started popping...the stars were sashaying down the red carpet. Fortunately, I had my digital camera. I whipped it out, and started snapping away, alongside the pros. I think they believed me to be one of them, I was so professional (ha!)

Wouldn't you know it, just as the star of the movie, Hilary Swank, got out of her limo, my batteries started to flash. I had just enough power to get a couple of shots in, then...poof! No more battery life. It was for the best, as we had to get to our show.

More on that tomorrow...gotta get to bed! Goodnight all!

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