Sunday, January 21, 2007


My friend Tiffany (the one who had fallen down the elevator shaft in 2005 and miraculously survived) is getting remarried to her ex-husband. I'm so happy for this girl, who spent five months in a coma, had 1/2 of one lung and 3/4 of the other removed, had to change her lifetime career dreams (she was the Executive Director at Sunrise Assisted Living) and has had her brilliant lifestyle drastically shattered by this horrible experience. She remains a steadfast friend and is filled with the love of god and life, now spending her days spreading her affirmation: "I Love Life!"
She just purchased a 4,000 square foot home on the golf course in Lake Havasu and is moving there this week (and planning her wedding!)
Tiffany called me last week, offering to give Ben her bedroom suite of furniture; she was only taking her Tempur-Pedic mattress with her for her new guest room (wanting to decorate it in a different style.) He is so excited to get a bigger bed (at 14, a twin gets a

tad tiny,) and a new look. I've arranged to give my friend Alisa all of the white furniture that is currently in there for her girl's room.
I also picked up from Tiffany her lifetime's worth of photographs, which I'll put together in most of the 12 empty albums she handed me. One of the things she lost in her fall was her enthusiasm for scrapbooking. She loves to look through them, but can't bear to work on them. I'll make sure they get done for her (g_d knows I have enough materials for this!)

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claudine hellmuth said...

OMG! what a story about your friend. I hope she is writing a book about it. I can't believe how brave she must be!