Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Ugly Shoes

How much do I love my ugly shoes? SO MUCH! I got my first pair of Crocs last year at the Del Mar County Fair on the fourth of July. We hadn't planned on going to the fair; we were just hangin' as usual with Harm, no plans, when her cousin called to say she was "working the fair and would we like to go?" Seems she had a stash of tickets put aside at home, so, never being one to say no to a road trip, I enthusiastically rallied.

Leaving L.A. around noon, we made it to her aunt's house in La Costa by 1:30, (to get the fair passes) where I was asked to give auntie some cookie decorating tips. I showed her the parchment-cone trick so she wouldn't ever have to clean a pastry bag again (I love disposable tools!) then off we went to Harm's dad's house in Rancho Santa Fe (we couldn't be so close and not say hello!) The whole family was home, so we spent a little time looking at her brother Kam & wife Jamie's wedding photos (which were fabulous!) From there we went down to uncle Bill's house (Ben & Allie wanted to swim in the jungle pool) where we had a lovely visit with Harm's aunt Lori. We noticed it was getting late, so at 5pm we went off to the fair.

My kids hadn't been to a fair in years (they were too young to remember having gone) so just seeing their faces made it worth the trip. We had deep fried Twinkies, funnel cakes, Orange Julius, and Hot Dog on a Stick; anything they wanted. We went on rides and played games, watched the fireworks...and I bought my Crocs!

I decided on the pale yellow pair. So comfortable, so ugly. It was like walking on a cloud. We were home by midnight, my feet never happier. The same weekend I got Allie her baby blue pair, and Ben his leather-accents black pair. Such joyful feet. I now have a second pair; plain black (like Jeannine's.) Love 'em.

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