Friday, January 12, 2007

Pretty, Pretty, Smell So Sweet...

Pretty Pauline prepared the posies for the upcoming photo shoot at Sweetpeas and Snapshots. Mary has the best eye for flowers, and Pauline used to arrange pretties for the stars (when she worked at The Woods.) We're becoming quite the ladies of the press, what with the near release of the newest Scrapbook Retailer Magazine, The cover and inside story in Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion March/April issue, and now Cottage Living!

Everyone enjoyed the flowery fragrances during Mr. Norman P. Dixon's Anna Griffin workshop. It was a "triple A" class today, with Alicia, Alice and Alisa making the A list.
Mary brought in Beef, Chicken, Spinach and Cheese Empanada's (and Sangria) from Santino's in Santa Monica, and Oprah's favorite Sprinkles cupcakes for the class.

Mary told me the news:
"Carnations are the new Roses"
I believe her, after all, she is THE cover feature of the next Home Companion Magazine!
Then I found out that we will be offering Mary's own design of custom floral arrangements for Valentine's gifts. Very can call the store to pre-order your special arrangement!

Even Miles had a great time tonight. She is such a good girl!

I'll be posting more fun on the Sweetpeas and Snapshots blog next Monday (I'm off all weekend, so my own blog gets to have all the fun!)
Getting my hair colored tomorrow (you mean you thought this was my natural color?)...might go for a Merlot tone this time. Gotta keep it fresh!


celine navarro said...

hey Suzi !!! how are you? I'm so happy I found your blog!! into my favorites right away! :)
I hope to see you at CHA, I'll be on the Rouge de Garance booth !!!!

Take care!

suzi finer said...

Bon jour mon ami!
I will look for you at CHA!