Monday, January 22, 2007

(Harmony is on the left)

Tonight was a comedy of errors.
I had arranged for Hollywood Mike (my handyman) to pass on the old furniture to those that needed it, and to assemble and move the new stuff around here. Getting the stuff out was easy, putting the new bed together, also easy. Bringing in the very tall armoire; difficult to the max (but he did it.) Then, when he put on the new mattress, it was too small. I was told it was a double, but it is a queen! Fortunately, I know the mattress store owner (like a neighbor!) and she's going to switch it out for me tomorrow.
During all this rigmarole, Harm was waiting patiently to join me and Ben in a Target run to get his new bedding. Going? Not going? Yes? No? No. Too late. Sorry. (She was very understanding.)
The men left on their deliveries, and Harm called me back. She was going to the market (my Pavilion.) I had to ask her, "could you pick up something for me?"
"What...geez, you cancelled three times on me and now you want something?"
"Yes, could you get me some toilet bowel cleaner; Lysol?" (Maria is coming back from vacation tomorrow and we are out.)
"Yeah, right, do you want some Tampons and Midol too?" (she was annoyed.)
"I'd do it for you, I'd even buy you condoms!" (and I would too...not that there's anything wrong with that.)
"Yeah, I think you would, okay, whatever you want."
So Harm dutifully dropped off the Lysol (and my kids watched in awe as their mother actually cleaned the toilet bowls.) Everyone got their furniture delivered, and tomorrow night, Ben can sleep in his new bed!


Anonymous said...

You are an awesome friend, Harmony!


Erika Tysse said...

Wow, thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments! I know ALL about you from my good friend Linda W.! Scary, huh? I will be back to check in...

linda said...

Wow, Harmony IS a good friend. And for the record, I would get you tampons + condoms + immodium if you ever needed it.