Monday, January 08, 2007

My latest plan...
I got the idea to start wearing ankle weights all day (they can also be transformed into wrist weights at the pull of a velcro...) so I could get some exercise in during the work day. Well, today was the first full day, and let me tell you...not so bad! I bought 1lb weights for now, and I am going to increase to 2lbs pretty soon. I did try and do the wrist thing for a bit today; this is not for me, as I could feel pain in my right elbow after only fifteen minutes (so back on the ankles they went.)
When I got home from work, Harm came over and we went on a big walk with the kids; 6pm-now (8pm) with a pit stop at Banana Republic, then Subway for dinner. Boy, do I feel good!

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charlotte said...

good for you...and for your bones too. i have some hiding somewhere, no reason not to get them out. thanks so much for your kind words over at Teresa's today...that was so sweet. thanks!