Sunday, January 14, 2007

Strange Day

We had a lot going on today. I got the kids dressed and picked up Donna & Rand; he wanted to eat at the IHOP. Seeing as he is having brain surgery in the morning, we thought we should make him happy. After breakfast, he wanted to go home and putter, so we dropped him off, picked up Harmony and headed to Target. Allie insisted on sitting in the cart (she still fits.)

From there we dropped Harm at home and picked up Pinkberry for Holly, who was heading over the hill to meet us at Soolip on Melrose. For some reason we thought it would be a good idea to go to the Costco in Marina del Rey on a Sunday. It was so crowded that we all got a little tense. After waiting for a seemingly endless six minutes for the meat guy to put out the hot trays of baby back ribs, Holly lost it (as much as Holly can actually lose it.) She firmly turned my basket (well, she kind of slammed it around) and said "we're going where there are less people" we paid and left.

It was getting late and Holly wanted to go back to Soolip for a really cool Year of the Boar chop, so across town we went. I love it when she comes down here (wish she lived closer!) Holly is preparing a fantastic Chinese New Year themed book class for the shop (on Friday evening, February 16th.) I dropped her off, and Donna got Rand to follow us back to my place for dinner. Still filled with tense remains, Donna thought it best to get a pedicure before dinner. She got a pretty pink on her toes, I got a Merlot tone on mine (Allie went for baby pink nails with crystal accents.) I think the foot massage totally helped her relax a bit.

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