Friday, January 05, 2007

Some Major Celebrating Going On

Harmony, Donna, Allie, Izze and I had a girls-night-out celebration tonight at
Chocolat Restaurant on Melrose. Harm had arranged to have the table top strewn with a garden's worth of assorted rose petals, and the martinis were flowing.

We topped off the meal with one of their famous chocolate souffles (split five ways, so it wasn't too naughty!)

Allie and I shared the Lobster Cake appetizer, steamed Salmon with potatoes, asparagus and a side of plain angel hair pasta, Donna and Izze shared a marmite of French Onion Soup, an artichoke, a Caesar salad, and penne with a vodka sauce, and Harmony had the rare Ahi tuna appetizer and the steamed Salmon.

You know from there we had to make our first Target run of 2007. We've never seen the shelves look so picked over; you can tell there had been a recent shopping frenzy. I got out of there with a six pack of double a batteries (for the camera that died last night) and a copy of the Us Weekly featuring our own little Harmony.

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