Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Al Gelato

After dinner, Allie stated rather matter-0f-factly "I want some cappafrickin'ccino" (with a big smile on her face.) We knew exactly what she meant: Al Gelato. This amazing restaurant is on Robertson as well (both restaurants across the street from my old place) and Allie just loves their hand made gelato. Of course, when we got there, Allie was over the cappuccino and asked for a taste the Creme Brulee gelato (Harm tasted the chocolate mint, but decided against anything.) I was on my better (not best) behavior and opted for a fresh baked fig cookie (looked kind of like a fig newton) that was just about the most delicious thing I've had in a long time. I complimented the server on it, and he offered me another. I told him "I can't; he asked why not? I told him "Because of MY ASS!" but he made me take another anyway (he was so cute!)

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