Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dinner extraordinaire:
Sunday night we were invited to a very special dinner party at Eileen Paulin's home. This was not a CHA schmaltz-fest for "elite" customers (elite=money spent) but a money-can't-buy-this-invitation gathering of artists and respected industry insiders. Eileen set a single long, magnificent table in tones of rich brown's and gold.
Each place setting had a lovely scalloped place card bearing
the guest's name, with a small, hand decorated notepad set above
the forks so the guests could exchange contact information. Brilliant!
Invited Guest list:
Anna Ball
Anna is an angel of the arts and collector extraordinaire.
Anna Lee

Really sweet; had fun meeting her!
Anwesha Basu
Anwesha is a marketing manager for Sterling Publishing.

Ele Sampson
Ele was a producer for The Christopher Lowell Show on the Discovery Channel.
Jo Packham
Jo is one of the most creative and prolific visionaries of our time.
Joan Bunte
Joan owns Stamp Your Heart Out in Claremont, California.
Jocelyn Foye
Jocelyn is a designer extraordinaire.

Judy Watkins
Judy is in the middle of shifting gears to concentrate on interior decorating for her private clients and forming a fabulous traveling salon for the many gifted Kindred Spirits she knows.
Kate Rados
Kate is publicity and online marketing manager for Sterling Publishing.
Kerri Judd
Kerri is a talented ephemera artist, designer and merchandiser.

Lauren Powell
Lauren is the Director of Public Relations for Plaid Enterprises.
Leigh Ann Ambrosi
Leigh Ann is director of marketing and publicity for Sterling Publishing.
Linda Messner
Linda makes sure she sets aside time to craft, create and enrich her life with the friendship of others.
Marian Ballog
Marian is a totally gifted designer. She is the creative spirit of Vintage Pop-up cards and Make it in Minutes: Mini-Boxes both forthcoming from Lark Books.
Mary Smilove
Meghan Farrington
Meghan has been a designer for Red Hat Society during its rapid ascent into the public eye.
Nicole Steiman
Nicole is the author of Make it in Minutes: Quick & Clever Gift Wraps.
Paige Gilchrist
Paige is the Empress of Editorial for Lark Books.

Rebecca Ittner
Rebecca ventured out recently to oversee the launch of Somerset Life and to edit Legacy for Stampington.
Sandi Genovese
Sandi DIY Scrapbooking host Sandi Genovese is a multitalented author, artist and educator who travels around the country demonstrating the latest in scrapbooking and paper crafting.
Sandra Evertson
Sandra is a designer and artist who translates her love of antiques in a unique line of "Posh Little Follies".

Sunday Hendrickson
Sunday’s business card says Art Director Extraordinaire and that is an understatement.
Susan Branch
Susan’s collection of handwritten, water colored Heart of the Home books have sold more than one million copies.
Susan Rios
Susan is a nationally renowned artist.
Kaari Meng
Kaari is the creator and amazing talent behind French General. Based in Hollywood.

Tanja Maduzia
Tanja is a talented young artist on staff at our shop.

The desserts were plentiful and delicious; it was hard to cut into them (they were each a work of art!) Many thanks to Eileen for a delightful evening!


Anonymous said...

It is so true, are people rich or do they just have money? I am a new fan/secret admirer of your fantastic blog:) Much to share but of course in due time. Good things come to those who wait....

suzi finer said...

Aaah...so mysteriouso! I can't wait for the reveal!

Cliffhanger said...

Yes, definitely a cliffhanger. But just for a wee bit. Timing and presentation is everything. It will be happy news though!!!