Monday, January 01, 2007

Purse Story
Recently, Harmony received this Louis Vuitton Speedy bag as a gift (retail value: $620.00.) It is a very nice looking, popular bag with the classic Louis Vuiton monogram and a roomy interior. There is one major problem however; there is no support at the bottom of the bag, so it tends to sag. This being a major flaw, we went to the Beverly Center to see what could be done about it.
The fellow behind the counter was very pleasant, and seemed none too surprised with Harm's sagging issue. He had the solution (one which was explained so quickly and surely that he must have to come up with that particular solution on a fairly regular basis:) "Just get a shoe box lid and stick it on the bottom."
Our jaws must've hit the floor; a shoe box top?! In a purse that was near $700.00 with tax?! What?!
He continued, "I usually give my customers a piece of board when they purchase the bag here" he explained, "This is our most popular bag, made from one piece of leather; that's why it sags, and costs less than our other, sturdier bags."
So this was a low end bag? $620.00! How crazy is that? We just thanked him and went on our merry way. The next week, Harm happened to be in San Diego, where she stopped by the Vuitton store there. She posed the same question we had asked the Beverly Center employee, to the salesgirl at that location. Much to Harmony's surprise, she was promptly given the same shoe box lid answer, practically verbatim! This sagging solution must be a regular part of the employee's training regimen. They have it down pat!


teresa said...

oh disgust!! I mean, they could least give your some leather over the cardboard or something. Jeeesh.

KellyKilmer said...

How much did you have to pay for the shoebox lid?

Anonymous said...

Susie...I have the same bag and the SAME problem. I don't carry mine anymore because of the sagging. I thought I was the only one with the problem. TFS...Teresa C