Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tea Anyone?

This morning I went to my sister Donna's house, where we got to talking about the delicious tea we shared last week at The Tea Cozy in Cambria. Inspired, we decided to bake our grandmother's golden raisin scones. Due to my overzealous flour shopping a few weeks before, we had everything we needed in her pantry.

Not wanting to eat scones, but unwilling to be left out of the baking, my son Ben thought it best to whip up a batch of Nestle Toll House cookies at the same time.

Everything turned out great, so as usual, we took everything we made over to my uncle's house for him to enjoy.

This evening, we gathered all the kids and walked up to Paper Source. Our favorite shop girl, Monica, was working (always a pleasure to see her.) Allie was rewarded with a pack of sushi erasers (for doing our bidding; asking a price on a very funny book,) the store looked great with all of their Valentine's Day decorations up. We love to support our local small businesses.

I know I said that I would avoid the new season of The Apprentice, but I don't think I can keep my resolve. It looks too tempting (I do promise not to think any nice Donald Trump thoughts.) I understand that Chef Ludo's wife is one of those vying for the job. It will be interesting to see how she does (Jeff & Gina, owners of the pharmacy, use Ludo as their personal chef

Addendum: Ended up not being able to sit through The Apprentice; I don't know if it was the Donald, or the cast, it just isn't doing it for me this season. I'm glad. Looking forward to The Sopranos premiere this coming Wednesday night.


Lisa said...

where did those darling teacup holders come from? i have my grandmother's teacup collection packed away in the garage, but would love to get them out in the fresh air?

please help....

suzi finer said...

I found them at the Los Angeles Gift Show last summer (will be there again next weekend 1/22)...check out the store blog (I will try to remember to get the manufacturer's name, but I've been a little forgetful lately)