Wednesday, March 07, 2007

We've always been really close.
Perhaps just a bit too close (I don't think so.) Here we are in 1968, on Alfred Street (Donna still lives there today.) This is the only other time I'd had short hair. I remember nothing about the hair cut, but I totally remember having this picture taken (we thought it was so funny!) I was all of five then. Donna looks so much like Allie here it's eerie.
Here we are a few years later (longer hair) on Crescent Drive (a block from where I live now.) We were leaning on my grandmother's avant garde furnishings; these are actually camel saddles. We grew up thinking they were some sort of Asian seats (the house was done with an Asian/Modern feel.) Up until '03 that was my living room. It's so strange to see the old photos now (yet somehow comforting.)

Here I am with Fred & Kitty (my grandparents) seeing them off on their Alaskan cruise years ago.
I wish I still had that purse.
I do still have that bandana.
I wish I still had them.

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