Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another Survivor Quote.

I almost missed my show tonight; there was a day switch this week...from my usual Thursday to Wednesday (thank goodness Ben remembered!)

Jeff Probst made a majorly disruptive tribal merge tonight on Survivor, where one cast-away used a familiar quote: "Keep your friends close to you, and your enemies, closer still." Somebody I was once took as a friend discussed this very statement with me, and how she kept one person so near as to maintain a controlled, manipulative thumb on her life. I no longer have this puppet-master in my life (thankfully) and often wonder what makes for such control-freaks.
Anthony was voted off (sorry if you TiVo'd.) I think they should have kept him on as a later-on-sacrificial lamb and gotten rid of a stronger player. I guess that's the Machiavellian in me thinking. Ben told me that they're taking applications for Big Brother 8; he wants me to try out. Ha! That would be the biggest joke ever.


bridalbar said...

Thank God you didn't miss it! I would have felt so bad that our little Koi detour might have keep you from all the dangerous snakes on exile island! xo

Anonymous said...

I personally prefer the verse in the Bible that says God will make our enemies as a footstool for our feet - very reassuring I think!