Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Vice.
Being a second-generation native Angeleno, I am dedicated to the daily Los Angeles Times Crossword Puzzle (no New York Times for this loyal puzzler.) I am obsessive about many aspects of this ritual; only using black ink, starting from the bottom right for weeks at a time, then switching to the top left, making no mistakes is my biggest rule. It has to be done quickly (in one sitting) or I don't want anything to do with it.
I got started with this addiction at an early age, literally at my grandfather's knee. I was hypnotized by his quick, brisk hits of the pen against the newsprint. He'd often allow me to fill in the answers that I knew (at first, not too many, then progressively better.) This must have been very hard for him, as I am loathe to share any bit of my own solving with anyone; my kids can get their own copy! Alright, I occasionally allow them to help me too, they have to learn sometime.

This mental challenge is often the only thing that can relax my mind after a crazy day. I highly recommend it (beginners: start with the Monday puzzles; they're SO much easier than any other day!)

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amytangerine said...

have you seen the movie Wordplay? no wonder you are sooo smart!