Sunday, March 04, 2007

On a Mission:
My daughter Allie is in fourth grade, the mandatory year for California Mission study. I have a personal rule when it comes to school projects such as these: go to the Mission you are assigned! When Ben was in fourth grade, he chose the Santa Ines Mission, so off we went to to Solvang. This year, Allie chose the San Diego Mission. One of the reasons she opted for this particular Mission is that Harmony is from San Diego, so she'd have to come with us on our mission.

Harm had to work Saturday (and the kids had their YADA rehearsal) so we didn't head out until 5pm.
I took this first photograph from the carpool lane on the 5 fwy just after moonrise. I used the "night scenery" setting on the camera (keeping the lens open longer than usual) which allowed the unusual light-play image. I really like it.
We arrived in Solana Beach by 7:20, where we dropped Harmony off at Fidels Restaurant for her sister-in-law Jamie's surprise birthday party. I took the kids for a quick sushi bite at Samurai, then headed to the Target Greatland in Leucadia to kill some time while Harm partied.

While in Target, we had to visit Pajama Nation (one good find there) and the girls where aching for these c.f.m. wedges. They've never had high shoes before, so I felt the need to give make their wishes come true. I knew they would hurt, but you have to suffer to be beautiful.

Jamie was so happy to see Harm. Kam & Tuffy (brother & cousin) were thrilled that we came down as well. What a nice family. Beautiful Jamie is so tall she makes Harmony seem teeny! (Harm is 6ft!)

The girls took one bed, Ben and I the other at the Morgan Run private resort in Rancho Santa Fe (daddy Bruce's contact.) Great room, watched The Devil Wears Prada till all hours. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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