Thursday, March 22, 2007


More friends have jumped on the Sparkle Bella bandwagon!

Now we have: Mary, Susan, Kim, Helle, Michelle, Alice, Sabrina and myself, all crossing the border in June! We'll have to think of something cute to bring the other 22 attendees...

Now if I could have only arranged to make it to Artfest...that would've been something too. Maybe next year! At least I can live vicariously through the friends who are able to Teesha-ficate next week. Another coveted upcoming artful event: the venerable Art and Soul in Portland. Nope, can't make that happen either, but will get total reportage from attending amigos as well (Sigh.) I've read that they'll be offering some very enticing book arts workshops again (along with all the other fantastic opportunities!)

(Hey, Alicia got a Sparkle Bella spot we're even more glittery!)

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Helle Greer said...

We are so gonna ROCK Arizona!!!
Let's plan ahead, and go to Artfest next year, that is something I have been wanting to to fot the last 2 years, but did not want to go by my self, and never planed ahead.
Can we just skip May this year? and go to June
later my dear