Thursday, March 08, 2007

"Love Many, Trust Few, Do Wrong By None"

Yaoman said this tonight on my show (Survivor.) His philosophy hits close to home. I always, however, stupidly trust too easily; today being no exception. A very chatty woman came in the store today asking pointed questions about classes. Minutes later she rushed out behind another shopper, taking a precious class sample with her. How somebody could do this is beyond me. I shouldn't be surprised; it seems that there is so much deviant betrayal in this world that we should be more wary that it will impact our lives at any given moment. I still can't help but believe that the overall majority of souls who venture in to the shop are good, honest people. I can only hope that she will get no joy from her ill-gotten treasure. The artist, Helle Greer, has had her personal expression stolen from a trusted keeper. This action has damaged this beloved trust, and any future trust from other artists. I am sickened by this violation.

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