Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Old Book is Back!

Some time ago, I started this book as a round-robin project. I had completely forgotten about it until recently, when my friends Larry & Carney brought it up. It seems that Larry had possession of it, and had forgotten all about it as well. They kindly brought it in to me at the shop, and I am so happy to have it home!
(I've only photographed my personally arted up pages.)

Cover: Italian paper with layered with Lumiere acrylic paint.

Loads of Lumiere, Viva Las Vegastamps, Ken Brown Stamps, and more (it's been awhile.)

Fun with slide mounts, library pockets, glassine and more Lumiere (I see a theme here...)

Game pieces, more slide mounts, Catslife Press, Renaissance, old dictionary pages and you guessed it, Lumiere.

Suzi Loves her Lumiere.


Helle Greer said...

Loving all the great ArT candy here.
Would love to have it in my hands and really looky through...

updycrafts said...

looks really neat, I must find out more about Lumiere...absolutley love the pic of the Q-tips- now that is a black mail picture!

amytangerine said...

love it! looks really yummy and i think you should teach a class! i will drop off the tote sample this week and also email you the photos etc. xoxo