Monday, March 05, 2007

Last stop...
Kam's new backyard, to see his cool pool and visit. The most interesting feature at the pool was the built-in ice bucket on the side of the jacuzzi. Next to the pool is a very comfortable stone bench with a raging fire pit, and tiki torches line the perimeter of the yard. My camera battery died before I could snap the palapa bar and grill, but trust me, they're spectacular.

It was time to gas-up, so I pulled up to the gas station where Ben decided that he would like to pump the gas (first time!)
He did a fabulous job, only dripping a bit when he pulled the nozzle out of the tank. I'm so proud. Straight home from there with no other stops (unbelievable.)

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TandJ said...

Great pictures from the trip.
Your kids are VERY lucky to have you as their Mom.