Tuesday, March 20, 2007

DSL Issues: Resolved!

The best way to get back in the virtual landscape usually starts with the letter "food".
Here, we have the "After-school Special"; a grilled cheese with the thickest, creamiest, sweet tomato soup for your dipping pleasure. This was the excessive treat I shared with Allie on Sunday evening after a long day of going nowhere.

Below, you'll find a picture of Oprah Winfrey's favorite Red Velvet Cake. All of this food was served up at Doughboys on Third; home style at it's best.

Oprah called their Red Velvet Cake the best in Los Angeles; it is denser and richer than any I've ever tried, not that I got to try that much of it, being split four ways!
Yes, I was there with a friend who I'll call "Schmarmony" and my two kids, using food as an anti-frustration comforter after driving all over the world trying to find a copy of Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 Viola for Ben. I finally had to enlist the help of another friend, who'll I'll call Schmolly, to Amazonly-order it for me, due to the DSL downage.
Schmarm was worn out after working all day at her very upscale Bridal event at Social Hollywood. So half a sandwich, a split bowl of soup, yummy cakeage and a couple of loyal friends made for a very nice Sunday evening!


TandJ said...

You have seriously good food karma!

Helle Greer said...

Ohh looks veryyyyyyyy delish.
I MUST try.