Sunday, March 04, 2007

Old Town San Diego
The next spot on the kids agenda was Old Town San Diego. We first went to a wonderful candy store where they pulled their own fresh taffy, then walked over to "The Most Haunted House in America"; Whaley House.
I scoffed at the guides warnings about probable issues with my camera. Wouldn't you know it, for the first time my camera did act up in a strange way. Lights flickered and it took a long time to stop, then start. Very strange.

Then the lady there told me that I was "a happy, lucky lady", a "good and generous person", but there were "those who were jealous of me" and "meant bad things to happen to me". Sounded like every other fortune teller out there. Whatever.

After that, we took the children to the Mining store, where they panned for minerals. This $4. activity gave them more joy than anything else so far this day. I couldn't get them to leave!

Each left with a bag filled with colored stones.

I just kicked it and watched from a shady bench with Harmony, both of us exhausted from doing so much in one day...and it was only 1:30 in the afternoon!

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Helle Greer said...

My weekend had BASEBALL written all over it. Me being team mom, and my husband the coach, that is a full time job, but when I see that YOU were down HERE, and I did not get to see you makes me sad. I know you probably had a busy schedule as well.
see you soon .