Monday, March 26, 2007

The Reader's Digest Condensed Version:
Ben was magnificent; the applause was thunderous. Allie was just a delight; more applause! Sorry, no photos (they had a rule at this performance) so I found this baby picture of Ben to show you instead.
Dinner afterwards at CPK with my divine Ms. M and fam; the best company possible after a fabulous night of musical theater.


Tessenei said...

I sort-of almost saw Allie on Dancing With the Stars last night. There was a very brief instant when the little goddesses were shown at Leeza's birthday party. I had my eyes glued to the tv hoping they would show the girls and if I hadn't been paying such close attention I'd have missed it. But, hey, she had her split second on national television.

charlotte said...

I looked for Allie last night on DWtS...but didn't catch her, the clip went by too fast. Cool for her though! Ms Gibbons looked pretty great for 50. Dances okay too.

Kristy C said...

what a cutie!