Saturday, March 10, 2007

Lovely Day.
Started out with a pick up from my darling Holly Dye, who took Allie and me to Urth Caffe for a quick tea before heading over to the shop for the big event. Shortly after opening up, we got a special visit from my dear friend Linda Woods! What a great way to start the day!
I lifted this picture of Linda and myself from her blog; she wasn't happy with her lack of lipstick, so I fixed that for her (got to keep your friends happy) and brushed my hair a bit (it was a little messy.)
The day was crazy-busy, what with the magazine release and the Character Constructions' Trunk Show. We had a welcome visit from friends such as Marian Ballog, Gina and Emily's make 'n take projects were very well received, and the cupcakes consumed by the rush of visitors. Whew! The only sad news was that Helle Greer had to postpone her workshops due to the theft of her sample. Dirty thief. I am so sickened by the gall of that thief hurting my dear friend like that.
I had spent the day before on my own time; Farmer's Market with Donna & the gang in the morning, chaos at the Beverly Center, then the rest of the day at The Bridal Bar using Harmony's table to work on projects for my book. I was able to get a lot done before Allie's performance of High School Musical. Saw W.B. & A. B., who told Allie how cute she was.
We had a repeat performance of the show tonight; Allie was very animated and adorable.
The cast was just great; enthusiastic and well choreographed. I'm so lucky to have the kids in such an entertaining program. Ben's performance is in two weeks, then they start rehearsals for Grease.
I'm off with the kids somewhere all day should prove to be an adventurous Sunday.

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