Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm Late Because...
I have a good excuse. You know by now that I ritually need to write every night before biddy-bye. Well, Thursday morning graciously filled in for this naughty Wednesday night scribe, as this raconteur pulled a late-nighter.

I spent one of the nicest evenings of all time, with my sister-status Amigas, M & L. Due to the imbibing nature of the night, I'll refer to them as Yum & Numb. {Changing "Numb" to "Plumg"...'cause that's what she is!) We had left the kids (well tended) with a feast of Italian: Pizza, Lasagna, Rigatoni and Chicken with Garlic toast. They were happy to spend some quality time together while we girls went to wine, dine and whine.
Cafe Bizou was the destination; a charming gem of a french bistro in the heart of Sherman Oaks. Bellying up to the bar, we sipped on tasty martinis between stories. By the time we got to the table, I was very happy. Our waiter made quite an impression with his split of Veuve Cliquot .

We shared this tasty Asian pear with goat cheese salad. Just scrumptious!

Lobster tails and shrimp on a bed of risotto. Ummm

Sesame crusted Salmon with vegetables (instead of potatoes...guess who had this?)

Whitefish with a lobster sauce. Ummmm.

I was really planning to stay out even later, intent of a few rounds of Scrabble with my worthy opponent (although I can't ever really think of Yum as opposition; rather as the safest refuge in the entire universe.) Instead, I rounded up the babies and took them home very on this very late school night.


tanja maduzia said...

the food looks amazing!!!

mary smilove said...

Hey...that looks alot better than my dinner of leftover cupcakes!!

Susan Shintaku said...

Yum! Sounds like a great night out. Now why am I suddenly hungry??? LOL

lynnie said...

Heeeyy..who are you callin Numb?