Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Interesting program (again, I had forgotten...)
The University of Santa Monica offers a very unusual program; one can get their doctorate in love.
Dr. Love.
I like that.
They have a very cool thesis assignment which I had learned about (again, at the old store,) where the student has to put together a pictorial/journal/album filled with images, words, and deep feelings. Very cathartic, very spiritually uplifting, emotionally cleansing, and totally L.A.
I love that.
Year ago a great number of students in this love program had ventured into the shop to gather materials to use in their books. I looked up this accredited University and found it very interesting. I had completely forgotten about it until this afternoon, when two lovely students came in to the store searching for their personal expression-makers. I was so happy to see them; when one told me she was putting a project together for her thesis of love, it immediately sprang back to my mind as I happily blurted out "University of Santa Monica!" I knew what they were looking for!
So happy to see that love can still be a major influence in life!

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