Saturday, April 28, 2007

You're Going to Love This One...

Tonight, while the kids were at a Bat Mitzvah, I babysat for baby at Donna's Rosewood Elementary School fund raiser (I couldn't go to the party and socialize right now...too many things going on here.) I dragged Beau Peep with me, as I often have issues with crowds (I need a buffer.) She kindly obliged my idiosyncracy, and sat beside me all night while Donna did her duty.
Puppy was very good, using the Potty Pad when necessary and sleeping away most of the night. Out of nowhere, a security guard sat down beside us, telling us that an evil mom in red

wanted the dog outta there! He laughed and told us not to worry, she was welcome to sleep there. We shot the breeze with him for awhile, teasing the 23 year old guard, asking if he thought if any of the moms at the event were hot. He said "Oh no...none of those ladies would do" and went on to say "If she ain't 280, she ain't my lady!"
We were dumbstruck, then broke out laughing. That was one we'd never heard before; he was a total chubby-chaser! Ha!
By the way...don't worry, baby never got even a lick of that beer!


Kelly Kilmer said...

The evil woman in red was just jealous 'cause she'd never have a puppy *that* cute.

OMG-the security guard sounded too cute too!! LOL!!!

amytangerine said...

Buster likes beer! His drink of choice is corona light.