Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Own Version.

Last night was the first in an anticipated full summer season of episodes of the new "Finer/Feinstein series, "Trading Spouses: Save a Sister's Sanity"

I've written occasionally about the issues my brother-in-law Rand is having with his memory loss and Alzheimer-related dementia symptoms; his brain biopsy and other assorted tests. Well, he has been declining pretty rapidly, and it is very difficult for my niece and nephew to comprehend. The worst part: his uncontrollable cursing. In order to give the kids a break last night, Ben, Allie and I spent the night at Donna's place, and Rand slept at ours. The results were very positive. The kids had a fun sleepover experience, and Rand was happy to have someone to listen to his repetitive rantings (Gary is being a very good sport in all of this.) This may be our summer vacation!

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