Friday, April 27, 2007

Dinner with the gals
A delightful evening was spent tonight with dear friends Holly (Dye) and Linda (Woods.) The setting? M's pic Cafe Bizou in Sherman Oaks. What a treat!

Linda and I had the delicious sesame crusted Salmon on a bed of thin potato pancakes and a mushroom reduction.

Holly had the spicy shrimp with angel hair pasta. Mmmm, divine (the cocktails served up by "Matt" were pretty tasty too!)

The waitress got the idea that it was Holly's birthday (I don't know how?) Don't worry...the banana custard in a puff pastry drizzled in chocolate was on the check!

Tiramisu? Yes, sitting in a pool of fresh custard!

AND a flourless chocolate cake. I was told that it was on the "eggy" side...but still devoured.

The best thing about the night was just hanging out with the ladies. A good time was had by all.

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dede warren said...

gotta love a girl who knows her way around a good dessert!