Thursday, April 26, 2007

Britney Spears likes Sweetpeas style!

Check out the Sweetpeas and Snapshots blog to read about our Britney Spears experience (I got permission from her staff to blog about the event; no sneak attack here!)
From my perspective, I got about as up close and personal as one can get with her in the back room (zipper duty)...she was in really great shape (and very nice!) I've read lately that she was "lumpy", but I can tell you from a this-close-perspective, that she was slim, tanned and toned. I was also surprised to read elsewhere that she was "saggy", but I protest: they were standing up and talking to g_d! All those nit-picking-nellies should just leave the girl alone. She's been through it and is doing a great job staying on track; they should give her a break!
Remember...the camera adds 10lbs.


Anonymous said...


Your photos are SO much better than what TMZ is posting. You are a star-magnet, attracting all the who's who in Hollywood.


Debby said...

How cool! You win for the greatest celebrity sightings!!

Sooz said...

wow. how cool is that? you are so my hero(ine!).

nice to hear something kind instead of viscious about Miss Spears.

Sadie Olive said...

Wow! Zipper duty for Brittany Spears?!!? That's story will make my husband's head spin! :)


Michelle M White said...

Never a dull moment with you, girl! Too fun!!!

Adriane said...

10lbs, hunh... well that 'splains a lot... so I have an extra 10 to lose... argh! [rolling eyes]...

cool stuff going on up over yonder... glad your back in the shop biz :)