Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Glimpse Inside My Walls.
What did you expect...collage-a-go-go?
No, this girl has a big chunk of Mexico hanging on her walls. I was fortunate to travel to San Miguel de Allende with my friends Chachi and Patty a while back, where I found most of the Botero-inspired pieces. Both of my friends are fluent in Spanish (Chachi is from Venezuela, Patty from Mexico.) My Spanish is grammatically horrid, however, you can't shut me up once I get going.
Everything there made me feel at peace; the architecture, art, food and people were all warm and inviting.

The two side pieces are carved into a log, giving them a shrine-like quality.

This piece has added dimension with papier-mache segments built up under the painting. Very bas-relief.
I just love it.

This carved wooden jaguar face hangs against the metallic gold of my bedroom walls. The rug to the right of it was bought from a street vendor in front of a cafe in Guanajuato. I took home a few rugs that trip; when we moved, the biggest one left us to cover Chachi's office floor (no room here now!) Boy, were they difficult to transport; I insisted on carrying them on the plane. Chachi & Patty hired a transport company to truck back all of the furniture they acquired on that trip; I didn't want to wait for everything to arrive. I did, however, chose to ship all of the Talavera pottery from that trip. The best piece of that collection was the fountain I found, which feature three jugs pouring water, one into the next, then to the intricately detailed basin. Sold that with the house :( least I know where to get another!)

I hope one day to return to San Miguel.

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OMG! the woman? with wings at the top is hilarious!!