Saturday, April 07, 2007

An early start...
This exciting day began with an early car-pool drop-off; I gave Harm a ride to her shop (she left her car there last night) then drove downtown to pick up Michelle & Helle from Union Station.

I was very happy to see them; I didn't post a photo, as I made myself a promise to only show you complimentary pics, and this greeting shot did not turn out so great!

We happily motored to the LAX Marriott to pick up Debby, then headed to La Conversation for a tasty breakfast.

Waffles for Helle, Debby, and me (shared with Allie)

Michelle had the excellent combo of scrambled eggs and pumpkin hotcakes.

We also had some eggs for protein.

Then Helle presented me with this magnificent canvas creation for a belated birthday gift. She apparently whipped it up late last night; what a talent! That girl knows her way around an art piece. That she even thought about me was so warming; the fact that it is gorgeous is just icing on the cake. It is going up on my wall first thing in the morning.

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dede warren said...

great birthday gift! very nice indeed.