Saturday, April 21, 2007

The X-Rays Confirmed...

Allie has a broken foot! The "sprain" incurred at school Wednesday (she tripped over a back pack left in the hall) turned out to be a break (albeit small.) Rand's brother Dr. Barry zapped her X-ray in his office yesterday, and ordered up a walking cast (due Tuesday.) She is now wearing a post-op-orthopedic boot until the cast arrives, and is using crutches.

I don't think I've ever seen her so happy!

Remember when you wanted braces, or glasses, or crutches? A great dream...until you got what you wished for! I have a feeling she'll be griping about those crutches by the end of the weekend.


charlotte said...

finally catching up a bit...yikes, so sorry about the broken foot! at least you don't have winter to worry through with that, but jeez, that's tough- for all of you. Thanks so much for the mention in the earlier post....that's cool! wondering when am I going to meet you? xoC

Helle Greer said...

Poor Allie, it's a good thing we don't have a shopping trip planned this weekend, because we need our little chicka with us, and with crutches, that might be a problem.
Hope she'll heal up real fast.
Many hugs to Allie & mom

Michelle M White said...

I'm sorry her foot is broken...but I know my girls will be "envious"!!! They're always wanting crutches! I hope it's not too painful.