Sunday, April 01, 2007

Lovin' the Pup.

We got to visit Donna's baby today.
After my mom treated us to breakfast at Jinky's this morning, I met up with Donna at uncle Leon's, then went back to the valley with her. We were going to see the puppy!
We got there close to 2pm, and what joy we found. Eyes now open (still no teeth,) the three week old babe was so happy to see us all.
Donna left a special baby blanket from home for her to keep until we could take her home (to get used to the scent.) Very smart.


Michelle M White said...

That is THE CUTEST puppy ever! Oh...I just love puppies. Soooo sweet!

TandJ said...

Puppy love. It's the best!

Annie Adams said...

Oh, I want a little pup like that...what a cutie!!!