Friday, April 06, 2007

Island Dreams.
After a catch-up dinner with Jeannine, I took the kids over the hill to M's for a repeat of last Saturday night's sleepover/scrabble-fest.
Sometime (more often than not, lately...) strange, yet true, things happen.
As we started our third game of the evening, I had only one consonant, having to put down "ice" to start. In what can only be called a magical move, M. put down "volcanic", using all 7 of her letters and getting the extra 50 bonus points. That's how the mysteriously themed game began, with almost every word formed following a markedly Hawaiian theme. How we managed to get "uke", "poi", "lanai", "ono", "ahi", "surf", "jaws", "lava", and the unfortunately-so-islandic "drugs" (among others) all in one game (more than often going for the word rather than the points) is beyond any of our explanations. Did I mention that she lives in Kauai, and left to go home just this morning? This was a freakishly karmic, completely satisfying game.

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