Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just Seven More Days...
Then Donna gets to keep her puppy forever! This morning, however, the breeder allowed us to take her for a few hours; ther first official "play date"! We of course had to whisk her off to see uncle Leon. He was totally smitten. Sadly, Paul was still sleeping while we visited. He'll have to wait another week to see her.


Holly Stinnett said...

Suzi, it was so wonderful to meet you in person! I had such a great time playing with paper dolls on Saturday! I'm looking forward to more fun soon.

Oh my goodness... this little poopsie is just too cute. There is nothing sweeter than a new born pup... ahhhh... the smell is the absolute best!

Thanks for tagging me... that was fun. I posted my five fave blogs on my blog so take a look.

Have a great week!


bridalbar said...

uewjaboojewwww....or however you say that! SO CUTE! xo