Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Times Change.
So much is going on in my world. Gary is still out on disability, and I'm busy trying to open new creative windows; working to accomplish my set goals.
Mornings, I can be found investigating new venues and making mini-masterpieces; look for me in the afternoons at Sweetpeas and Snapshots helping others make their dreams come true. I'll be around there from 2ish-5 if you need to reach me.
The best is yet to come...

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minnie said...

suzi, i love this piece, the best is yet come come, where did this come from......i came back from the artfest, did my trades with my little wallet, they all loved them.....there is a metal etching class i would love to teach, along with the wallet.....also wanted to let you know our camera hpr927, is on sale at www.buydig.com for 177.00 tax and shipping included. are you still enjoying your camera....we have our second one in the family as i got one too. hope the hubby is getting well... xxoo minnie