Thursday, April 12, 2007

"Color me True"?

No, that's my friend's name. This is "color me in"! Allie did the fillage, with a little help from moi. If you didn't know, cotton tees are not the easiest surfact to write on; it needs to be pulled taut to attain the surest line. The paragraph on the back was really the mosts difficult part of the assignment. Let's just say that although they're fun to create, by the time one is finished, one is really done (some of you know what I mean when I say done!)

Next project in line? "The Living Biography" framed portrait of your child's hero (with your child as said hero!) I did a magnificent portrait of Simon Bolivar (the Abraham Lincoln of South America) using my favorite Lumiere paints. Allie is still thinking about who she is going to be. Uncle Leon is on the top of her list...I can just see her dressed as the legendary Dr. Naiditch, white coat and all! Perhaps one of the teachers will volunteer to have Allie fill a cavity during her presentation. (I know where we can borrow some dental tools!)

Answer to question, added 04/13/07: Yes, most of the projects assigned to the students in our school requires the students to do all of the work, however, there are a few projects (such as this one) where the students only need read the book and write the report; the parents are encouraged to be the assisting vessel through which the artistic presentation will flow. In other words, Allie told me what to do (all her ideas) and I did what I was told, with the instructor's full permission. It makes for a fleeting opportunity to work with your they get older, they are encouraged to be more independant. I relish the sweetness of this perhaps-final year of "doing my kid's homework".


updycrafts said...

It turned out great- my kids would be in serious trouble if that was their project, God skipped me when he was handing out the drawing talent!

Anonymous said...

It's very nice but isn't the project suppose to be done by the student? I'm a teacher so that's why I am asking.

Fl Teacher

Helle Greer said...

I thought i was great in Black and White, but now I see it in colour WOW, that blue dress just pop out.

BTW I LOVE your handwriting too ;-)

Anonymous said...

Re: FL teacher's comment, if projects are assigned to be done at home, then expect a family product. If you want a child's product, assign the work to be done in class (completely).

Another teacher