Friday, April 06, 2007

Magic Time.
I love the light in the sky at 6:40pm this time of year. Tonight I was fortunate to have a lovely alfresco dinner with artist Debby Schuh and her cool 'fam (plus Harm & my kids) at C & O Trattoria in Marina del Rey.

The never-ending plate of fresh, hot garlic balls were so tempting. They are so delicious and easy to pop in your mouth, that you really don't even need to order dinner. By the time it was served everyone was stuffed!

It was Debby's hottie-hubby's birthday today. I feel honored that they chose to celebrate with us!

Son Brandon (left) is big on photography. He has a keen eye for light and speed, and was toying with mom's big Nikon, taking lots of pics. I hope he gets his six millimeter lens one day!

A fresh Tiramisu was hit just the right note, with a candle for the birthday boy. I wish the staff had sung their signature "That's Amore" while we were there, but you can't have everything!

Tomorrow on Suzi Finer: April Fool...

When Suzi hits Los Angeles' wholesale hot spots with Debby Schuh, hilarity ensues. Special guest stars Helle Greer and Michelle M. White.


bridalbar said...

So much fun! Loved meeting Debby and the family...Brandon is going to make an amazing photographer! Can't wait to see all the fun projects I heard so much about! xo

Helle Greer said...

Can't wait for tomorrow, well I guess it already is, since it't past 12PM.
What am I doing up so late? Guess we'll find out tomorrow ;-)
See ya!!!