Monday, April 09, 2007

Grand Opening w/Harm
We just got back from the grand opening at Joey's Smokin' BBQ in Manhattan Beach. Chris and Luke Walton have teamed up with Joey Maggiore to open the first Los Angeles area branch of this San Diego fave. Before we could even get inside the door, Chris ran over to greet us with big hugs. The smell of fresh BBQ wafted past us as we entered the country-style eatery. Everything sounded so good!

San Diego Padre pitcher of late, Nathan Staggs, Harmony and Chris smiled pretty for the camera.

All the beef is Kobe, and the chocolate chip cookies are baked fresh daily in house.

Tuffy has the most gorgeous, dreamy green he looked adorable in his visor!

Allie was thrilled to be lifted up for a birds-eye view (those Walton boys are tall!)

Anyway, if you're not busy tomorrow (April 9th,) Luke will be there with some other Los Angeles Lakers at 3:00pm for some publicity moments and photo ops.

3200 North Sepulveda Boulevard (just south of Rosecrans)
in Manhattan Beach

When we were finished with the festivities, we headed over to the Manhattan Beach Target, which is just about the biggest location we've seen so far. Harm and Allie picked up that new mouthwash which exposes residual plaque (too much information?)



Helle Greer said...

Do you ever sleep? I want to move next door to you , so I can jump into your car each time you go somewhere.
You have way to much fun.

Anonymous said...

Uh, oh, I hope it wasn't this one, I just found about a recall on it.