Friday, June 29, 2007

On a much cuter note...

Allie and Izze wanted to pink up their lives today, so before they went to camp, I sprayed their tresses with a metallic baby pink hairspray. They are attending "Catskills, West" through the City of Beverly Hills Parks & Rec. program, and working on a performance of The Lion King. Allie is Rafiki, and Izze, Ed the Hyena. They are having the time of their lives there together...a great way to have some cousin-bonding time.
Izze's been sleeping over here (keeping Allie busy while I've been healing) so it's like they're sisters instead of identical cousins.

Ben's sleeping over at Ian & Colin's tonight (he really missed seeing them) so I know he's the happiest boy on the entire planet right now.

I hope they don't get into any trouble!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are healing!! I hope the kids are having lots of fun and you are getting plenty of rest! You might feel ready to tackle the world but get a few good naps in. It's nice to have you back.

dede warren said...

Suzi, so glad your on the mend. Love that little accessory you brought home with you, whatdja call it... the zipper? nice! glad your on the fast tract to recovery!!

Cheers, Dede