Sunday, June 17, 2007

When will your "gumball" be gone?
...asked little Allie, gently rubbing my shoulders.
I had a very unfortunate experience yesterday/today, when a sharp ache filled my abdominal cavity. Twelve hours of shivers and hot flashes combined with the searing pain prompted me to head to the emergency room at 1:46 this morning.
Diagnosis? A Gallstone has impacted itself in the opening duct of my Gallbladder.
Treatment: Lots of fluids, some constant pain-killers, and no fried or fatty foods.
End result: I missed spending the day with my dear friend Debby Schuh (in town from Buffalo to teach at Sweetpeas,) slept most of the day away, and am sitting here with the dull throb of an aching tummy, re-medicating when the pain gets too strong.
Stupid Gallbladder!


Kelly Kilmer said...

Oh OUCH-I hope you are feeling better and that your "Gumball" is gone soon.

Michelle M White said...

Been there girlfriend! Had mine removed in 1999!!! Feel better soon!!

inventivesoul said...

I just read your blog Suzi, I'm catching up...

I really do hope you are better by now.
It runs in my family, so I know that pain.

Feel better! & be GOOD!!!
Well, TRY to be good!

Amber Dawn

Cindy said...

Found you while blog surfing, but just had to post. Omgoodness, you poor thing! I went thru the gall bladder thing on a trip to Quebec. All that wonderful French food did me in. Hope you are feeling much better!