Friday, June 01, 2007


I went with Allie to Temple Emanuel Beverly Hills for a Shabbat family dinner followed by their "Synaplex" Shabbat service. This congregation is the warmest, most welcoming group of people that I've ever come across. Of course the fact that they put out a mighty delicious buffet didn't hurt the experience. Two kinds of rice (one with saffron, the other with a tempting mix of fruits, nuts, and other imaginative bits), potatoes, chicken nuggets (not dry), roasted chicken, stuffed chicken medallions, brisket with broccoli, Chinese chicken salad (and another big salad), and egg roll were just some of the bites offered up. There was a lemonade fountain for the kids (very cool) and a decadent dessert bar. Allie was in heaven!
When we entered the sanctuary for the service, there was my friend Hilary with her son Noah! She was there for my friend Jennifer Cohen's son Max Schwartz' Bar Mitzvah! Small world.
We snuck out just before the Oneg (Allie was just wiped out.)
What a wonderful night!

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